It is better to go and invent tomorrow than to worry about what yesterday's was so-so.

Who we are?

We are getting better every day.
With each project, we become more experienced. - Agency that creates trends in Digital. We are able to analyze the market, delve into business processes, generate a huge number of ideas and choose the most correct and effective ones. The Agile methodology that we use in working on projects allows us to perform work efficiently, without violating the set deadlines.

What are we doing?

We analyze, develop and implement.

The main direction of our Agency is website development. We create both promo pages and high-load projects that are used by thousands of people around the world every day.


  • Frontend development
  • Creating a smart design
  • Market research
  • Application development
  • Designing in the WEB
  • Maintenance / Support


  • Realty
  • State sector
  • Finance
  • Hotel sector
  • Restaurant business

Nikolaef Partners