More than just research.

How will this help us?

We don't just do Analytics. We look into Your processes.

By the word "Analytics" we mean not only marketing research and calculations. We mean full immersion in Your area and your processes. Our goal is to improve the performance of Your business through Analytics and research, followed by the introduction of modern technologies and methodologies. Behind us are several organizations that, thanks to our knowledge, have started to build their business in a new way.

What are you doing?

Get one step ahead of your competitors.

Market analysis

Market analysis allows you to identify strong and weak competitors, as well as find out how big the demand is and whether there is any. For an existing business , this is a new look at the market. For start - up entrepreneurs-reducing risks.


We have extensive experience in building entire marketing departments in completely different niches. Our experts can point out the weaknesses of the marketing component of Your business, and also help you "build a protective shell" of these sides.

Development of a development plan

Every company must follow the trends and keep up with the competition. To do this, an action plan is drawn up for the competent and rapid development of the company: both the production part and marketing, HR, etc.

End-to-end Analytics

End-to-end Analytics (System of end — to-end analytics) is a way to evaluate the effectiveness of each ruble invested in marketing in terms of perfect sales. You know exactly how much you spent on advertising, and end-to-end Analytics helps you understand how much you earned from it.

CRM implementation

Every business must have a sales funnel and keep track of leads, customers, lost customers, and so on. We have been working with AmoCRM for several years and have already built more than 10 sales departments in various business areas on Its basis.


We provide consulting services for absolutely any organizations, regardless of the volume.

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